HAVE A BALL AT THE PARK - Wilderness Club
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There seems to be no end to the energy level your kids or grandkids have when they’re out to have fun. Fortunately we factored that in when we created our recreation field, which can accommodate a game of soccer, capture the flag, winter snowshoeing, an ice-skating rink or just a place for the kids or grandkids blow off steam. During the summer and into autumn we’ll set up our inflatable movie screen on the lawn and even make popcorn if you and your family wish to watch an animated classic or recent release. A few minutes walk from the Clubhouse and the Resort Villas, the park on occasion is where families get together for an outdoor concert.

A sand volleyball court, basketball court and barbecue area give you even more reasons to gather the family together for an afternoon or evening. During summer and fall your kids or grandkids can go fly kites, toss a baseball, football or Frisbee back and forth. In winter, join them on the field to build a snowman or just make snow angels before heading back home for hot cocoa or lunch at the Wilderness Grille.